Cement Finisher


Job Description

Cement Finishers will expertly pour, level and smooth concrete on a variety of surfaces including roads, sidewalks, curbs, and floors. Finishers may also be required to set the forms that hold the concrete in place, patch existing surfaces, cut expansion joints and monitor the curing of the concrete to ensure a high-quality finish.


  • Setting forms that hold concrete in place
  • Cleaning and inspecting surfaces for pouring issues
  • Directing the casting of the concrete with the truck driver
  • Pouring, smoothing and leveling concrete using a rake, trowel, float and screed. This includes handheld tools and power tool versions.
  • Monitoring the effects of the weather on the curing process
  • Applying sealing and hardening components
  • Safely operating power vibrator to ensure concrete is compacted
  • Molding and constructing expansion joints using joiners and edging tools
  • Polishing surface using a power surfacing machine


  • Proven experience as cement finisher
  • Knowledge of hand-held and power tools including power vibrators, polishers, cutting saws, and edging tools
  • Ability to read technical documents and drawings
  • Willingness to follow safety guidelines at all times
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Good understanding of basic math
  • Good physical condition and endurance; ability to stand and kneel for long periods
  • High school diploma; successful completion of an apprenticeship program is preferred

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