Special Projects

One key element to Quasius’ success has been our ability to offer services for our customers with smaller scale building projects. Quasius’ Special Projects Division recognizes that a project’s scale isn’t always in line with its complexity. Maintenance and remodeling are just a few facets of construction that require just as much attention to detail as larger scale projects. Quasius is dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to meet any size job through our Special Projects team by providing timely assessments, estimates, scheduling, and project completion. No job is too small!

Does your project fit into this category? Answer these three questions, and then contact Quasius Construction to assist with your Special Project!

  • Is your project estimated at less than <$200,000?
  • Do you consider your project to be maintenance, upgrade, or emergency type work that may not be done by most commercial general contractors?
  • If Quasius Construction’s schedule permits, could we start your project in a week? (i.e. without the need for permits, plans, approvals, etc.)