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Job Description

Purpose:  (How does the company ultimately benefit from your doing what you do?)

To create optimum profit for the company by efficiently performing all activities associated with the performance in the field of contracts awarded to the company and supporting the specific objectives of the Project Manager and/or General Superintendent.

Essential Job Results: (What are the results of the job versus the functions or duties of the job?)

  1. Support the objectives and direction of the Project Manager and/or Director of Field Operations by:
    1. Attending the pre-construction meeting, all project progress meetings and weekly safety and informational meetings held at the corporate office.
    2. Scheduling and completing any special projects assigned by the Project Manager or Director of Field Operations.
    3. Providing and reviewing a rough sketch of the project schedule to the Project Manager for processing, updating and providing each week a 3 week “look ahead” schedule. 
    4. Maintaining knowledge of current plans, specs and submittal data (including authorized revisions) and visually inspecting completed work.
    5. Coordinating with Project Managers all changes and/or RFI’s and marking plans with this information accordingly.
    6. Planning and scheduling to ensure that the project progresses according to the master timetable as well as labor and material costs.
    7. Reviewing the project budget on a weekly basis and discussing variances with the Project Manager.
  2. Maintain maximum project efficiency and manage costs by:
    1. Scheduling manpower as needed and reporting crew labor hours on a weekly basis. 
    2. Providing materials and/or supplies to projects in a timely manner.
    3. Maintaining or exceeding job schedule as provided by updating and providing each week a 3 week “look ahead” schedule. Will work on schedule and call subs in advance. 
    4. Supervising all work including subcontractors on a timely basis. 
    5. Logging employee time for all employees directly under their supervision.
    6. Continuously monitoring field personnel’s performance against the Superintendent’s projected performance according to estimates.
    7. Reconciling receipts with all required information sent to the office for processing.
    8. Attending “walk-throughs” as necessary. 
    9. Maintaining on a daily basis a set of red line drawings during the project duration for Project Assistant, as well as the project file after the final inspection and initial punch list walk.
    10. Helping with training new employees. 
    11. Maintain daily activities and site conditions log.
  3. Ensure quality and safety standards by:
    1. Adhering to the codes of the company’s Employee Manual.
    2. Ensuring the maintenance of and/or exceeding all quality standards, specifying those standards and defining how the maintenance is ensured by holding and documenting at least three weekly meetings with the subs to discuss and review a written set of quality standards prior to starting their work.
    3. Preparing all inspections and coordinating paperwork.
    4. Scheduling all necessary inspections regularly.
    5. Ensuring job site safety, including that of the subcontractors and following the company’s safety manual.
      1. Project Safety Start-up Check list is completed and signed off on by VP Ops.
      2. Project Execution Plan is completed and reviewed.
      3. Field Safety Inspection form is completed weekly and turned in.
      4. Daily Jobsite Hazard Analysis Inspection form is completed and turned in.
      5. Monthly First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher Inspection Log is competed and turned in.
      6. Safety Orientation Video and Hazard Communication Video is viewed and sign-in sheet is turned in.
      7. Equipment Operation Certifications are on site and filed.
      8. Company Emergency Action Plan is posted.
      9. OSHA Logs are posted.
  4. Ensure a positive work environment by:
    1. Setting an example for all employees by acting in a professional, courteous and civil manner and adhering to required dress standards.
    2. Maintaining positive relations with client or owners.
    3. Maintaining a safe, clean and orderly job site.
    4. Ensuring that owner and subcontractor relations are maintained at the highest level possible while holding all accountable.
    5. Representing and protecting the public image of the company at all times.
    6. Maintaining the best workforce possible by hiring those applicants who are the best fit for the job.



  1. Experience in overseeing projects
  2. Ten years experience in the Construction industry
  3. Knowledge of Construction process
  4. Working knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, MS Outlook
  5. Procore software experience

Job Skills:

  1. Ability to work at/with all levels of an organization
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  3. Ability to shift gears when necessary
  4. Organized


  1. Diplomatic yet assertive
  2. Average to above average mental acuity
  3. Optimistic
  4. Analytical with a good energy level
  5. Motivated, energetic and forward thinking

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