Renovation – Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

Jul 05th 2018   Commercial, Educational, Government & Municipal, Healthcare & Eldercare, Industrial, Religious, Retail & Recreation, Special Projects

Renovation is a great way to ensure your building is up-to-date, efficient in its functions, and not costing you more money than necessary. A properly laid out space creates a productive work environment, increases production flow, and lowers operational costs. Here are a few things to watch out for when considering a renovation to your building.

General Condition: Are the building’s pipes continuously breaking? Is the roof leaking? Electrical wiring deteriorated or unable to handle their load? These are all signs that your building could use a renovation. Broken pipes, leaky roofs, and deteriorated wiring all lead to increased maintenance costs and can even lead to shutdowns at inopportune times.

Electricity Costs: Are you frightened to open the electrical bill every month? A sure sign of the need for renovation is a high electric bill. You’d be amazed on the ways to save on that bill through a renovation. More efficient windows, skylights, glass walls, and economic lighting fixtures all work together to allow more natural light into space which not only lowers the monthly bill, but also increases office morale. There are even system options to explore that allow a building to produce its own energy, saving even more on costs. Electrical renovation can save a company huge amounts of money in the long run.

Operation and Maintenance Costs: Along with high electricity costs comes operation and maintenance. Did you know that if your systems are over 10 years old the costs of running them could be diminished up to 50% just by replacing them? Having a professional company inspect your systems and replace them when necessary is a huge money saver.

Space Optimization: Does your work space have a poor traffic flow? For example, is there a printer all the way on the opposite side of the floor plan that employees have to travel to use? Maybe it’s there because it’s the only place it fits spatially, or maybe it’s the only wall that has an electrical outlet. Whatever the reason, poor layout leads to all sorts of foot traffic and efficiency issues. Renovating an interior floor plan to accommodate everyday needs can have an astounding effect on your company’s production and your employees’ well-being on the job.

Aesthetic: Does the building just look old? Do the walls yearn for a paint job? How about the condition of the carpet? While these things on their own may not exactly call for a full-scale renovation immediately, they are easily noticeable by you, your employees, and your clients. If you’re not proud to show off your workspace to clients, then it may be time for a visual renovation.

Inspecting these aspects of your workspace will help you decide if and when a renovation is necessary. Overlooking these vital elements and letting them lay unattended to can wind up costing your company huge dollar amounts over time. Don’t wait until the last minute to inspect for renovation.

Contact Quasius Construction for an initial renovation estimate today and avoid more costly repairs and shutdowns in the future!

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