Quasius Safety Update 7/11/18

Jul 13th 2018   Commercial, Educational, Government & Municipal, Healthcare & Eldercare, Industrial, Religious, Retail & Recreation, Special Projects

In our industry, there is a growing demand to train employees, accelerate project schedules, and address stricter regulation. Quasius Construction continues to meet these demands by taking a proactive approach in everything we do. At the close of 2017, we made a commitment to become more active with our safety and training. Below is a list of our accomplishments so far in 2018:

  • Implemented stretching and flexing on all job sites.
  • Partnered with Wisconsin AGC to increase our safety training from yearly to quarterly training events.
  • Appointed Scott Quasius to step up from being a journeyman carpenter of 22 years and take a lead role in being our safety champion.
  • Implemented site-specific safety plans on all our projects.
  • Updated our corporate safety manual.
  • Implemented a written silica plan in conjunction with OSHA’s new silica policy.
  • Partnered with OSHA during pre-job planning on our massive renovation and demolition project at Sheboygan City Hall.
  • Achieved ACE Level II Certification from Wisconsin AGC.
  • Conducted third-party audits on all projects with our insurance provider, Ansay.
  • Recast our safety committee to increase the inclusion of key field personnel.
  • Enforced mandatory drug testing procedures for recordable incidents.
  • Implemented a mandatory glove policy to be incorporated into our P.P.E requirements.
  • Conducted respiratory training for 13 employees.
  • Conducted CPR training for all 27 carpenters.
  • Conducted OSHA-30 training for four field personnel.
  • Held lead and asbestos awareness training for all field employees.

These are just a few forward progressions that Quasius Construction is beginning to scratch the service of, and we learn more every day. We are proud of what we have done in the first six months of 2018 and look forward to being a safety-oriented company where our employees can feel safe while on the job.

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