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Quasius Construction Breaks Ground on Dogs2DogTags New Training Facility

October 24, 2023

Plymouth, WI- Quasius Construction broke ground on Dogs2DogTags’ new canine training facility. The updated training space will feature 12 kennels, a veterinarian clinic, multiple training rooms, and an office area. This development enables the Dogs2DogTags team to train more dogs at a time, helping the organization expand its reach of rescuing and housing dogs by connecting the animals with veterans experiencing post-combat stress and anxiety.

“I got the concept for Dogs2DogTags in 2012 while I was in Afghanistan deployed as a civilian contractor working with military dogs,” said Torre Willadsen, Founder and President of Dogs2DogTags. “I knew I wanted to do something to help. The past 12 years of discussions and conceptualizing brought us to this moment with the support and help from so many. Some are with us here today. I’m really proud of this project and happy that Quasius is a part of it.”

To learn more about Dogs2DogTags, visit their website at