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Special Projects

From routine facility maintenance to entire renovations, Quasius specializes in inspired turnkey solutions, setting project pace for swift success.

We established the Quasius Special Projects Team to help businesses be more responsive to their building needs and allow for the utilization of new or renovated spaces quicker, with better control of project costs and fewer disruptions to their operations. When you work with Quasius, know that your special project is a priority, entitled to the same care and capabilities as bigger building pursuits.

Commercial Renovations and Remodeling

Quasius’ Special Projects team takes complex renovation or remodel projects and provides innovative, cost-effective solutions that get you into your space on schedule. Our team has the talent to maintain a sense of urgency without compromising on quality, managing your project with minimal downtime for employees and customers.

Office Build-outs

A well-designed office space drives efficiency, conversation, and culture. Quasius’ Special Projects Team transforms your existing area into an energetic workplace that fits the unique needs of your business and staff.

Facility Maintenance

Let Quasius handle your facility maintenance so you can focus on what your business does best. From one-off repairs to a fully integrated facility construction team, we’re ready to tackle what you need to keep operating and evolving.

Carpentry, Concrete, Ironwork, and Masonry

Quasius’ experienced carpenters, concrete finishers, masons, and ironworkers are equipped to perform related maintenance and repair work. Leveraging these independently performed services enables greater schedule flexibility and enhances value.

Building Additions

In periods of growth, the time comes to reevaluate space requirements for your business. The Special Projects team manages your addition from concept to completion, seamlessly integrating the new design with the current layout, with little interruption of your present-day operations.

Industrial and Millwright Services

Entrust the experts to install or relocate your machinery and equipment. We are also skilled in maintenance assistance and outage work so your attention remains on your regular operations while Quasius works behind the scenes. 


Bring your building aspirations to life by partnering with a reputable planning and pre-construction team of construction professionals from your project’s inception. The right pre-construction collaborators maximize value by asking necessary questions, discerning your needs, and setting intentions in advance. While we help your plans materialize, detailed scheduling and accurate budgeting throughout the process ease decision-making and ensure project success.

Pre-Construction Services Include:

Conceptual Design Development
Site Selection
Bidding and Procurement
Total Project Scheduling
Planning and Feasibility Analysis
Master Planning
Value Engineering


As your vision comes to fruition, anticipation builds for settling into the new space - a framework of your strategic focus.

Construction processes hinge on managing schedules and measuring work quality. The key to delivering an exemplary project and unparalleled building experience is a communicative and collaborative team of problem-solvers who prioritize planning and follow through by meeting milestones and deadlines dutifully. 

Construction Services Include:

Construction Management
General Contracting
Pre-Engineered Buildings