Special Projects

Your success is built on your business’s ability to operate efficiently and adapt quickly to serve your customers.

The Quasius Special Projects Team is built with the mission of helping you achieve your business goals by providing dedicated planning and construction services for those renovations, remodel, maintenance, and addition projects that have a large impact on your business operations.

From routine facility maintenance to complete renovations, the Quasius Special Projects Team provides turn-key solutions to achieve your vision.

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Commercial renovation and remodeling

Quasius’ Special Projects team specializes in taking complex renovation or remodel projects and providing innovative, cost-effective solutions that get you into your space on schedule. Quasius’ team of Special Project specialists have the expertise to effectively manage your project with minimal downtime for your employees and customers.

Commercial renovation and remodeling
Office build-outs

Office build-outs

A well-designed office space drives efficiency, conversation, and culture within your business. Let Quasius’ Special Projects Team transform your existing space into a dynamic workplace that fits the unique needs of your business and staff.

Viking Masek Project

Facility maintenance

Let Quasius handle your facility maintenance needs so you can focus on what your business does best. Offering services ranging from one-off repairs to a fully integrated facility construction team, we’re ready to tackle the construction projects you need to keep your business operating and growing.

Facility maintenance
Carpentry, concrete, ironwork, and masonry

Carpentry, concrete, ironwork, and masonry

Quasius’ teams of experienced carpenters, concrete finishers, masons, and ironworkers are equipped to take on related maintenance and repair work. Leveraging these self-performed services gets you greater schedule flexibility and value for your investment on your project.

Building additions

As you grow your business, so will your space requirements. The Special Projects team manages your building addition project from concept to completion, providing seamless integration of your new and existing space with minimal interruption of your current operations.

Building additions


Achieve your strategic vision by partnering with a trusted planning and preconstruction team of dedicated professionals at the very beginning of your project’s development. The right preconstruction team maximizes project value by asking important questions, understanding your needs, and setting project expectations early in the process. As your vision is crystallized, detailed phase sequencing and accurate cost information guides your decision and ensures your project’s success.

Pre-Construction Services:

Conceptual Design Development

Site Selection

Bidding and Procurement

Total Project Scheduling

Planning and Feasibility Analysis

Master Planning

Value Engineering


As your vision crystallizes, the anticipation for occupying the new space and realizing your strategic focus builds. Achieve your operational and financial benefits of your new or improved facility by working together with the right team of construction professionals.

The construction process is driven by managing project schedules and work quality. You watch your project progress using various communication and visual tools from project start to completion. The key to delivering a high-quality project and excellent experience is having team of construction professionals that manage your expectations, has problem-solving capabilities and deploys technical expertise throughout your project.

Commercial Construction Services:

Construction Management

General Contracting

Industrial and Millwright Services


Pre-Engineered Buildings